Our concept:
“Street Journalism Café”

Our public events show you how we get info from our sources

Our public events show you how we edit our content in real time

Our public events show you our stories for open discussion


Our model:
“Journalism Eco-Funding”

Media work requires travelling: our man-powered trips mitigate our impact on global warming

Performing our reportages and events with sun-powered devices saves more carbon

We invest in carbon credits to compensate for our motorized transport emissions

Through funding our carbon credits you help us reduce our storymaking climate footprint

Support from green people like you makes our nomadic journalism sustainable

Our Lead Topics

Our Mission

MR is a Nomadic Newsroom

Our newsroom moves around to reach facts and people

Our newsroom interacts with the audience via on-site events

MR is a Media Philosophy

Our philosophy is grabbing crucial stories from direct sources

Our philosophy is involving people in our storymaking efforts

MR is a Multi-service Brand

Our brand provides open source content, data and tools

Our brand promotes participative and sustainable projects

Our activities

”Delivering eyewitnessed info, not info up to the eyeballs”

Enjoy long-form in-depth content with MR’s magazine “Stories”. We avoid breaking news. We focus on research, first-hand information and fact-checking. But we also tell the truth through fiction

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”Creating collective engagement, not engaging makeup”

Turn our work into personal experiences through supporting financially our initiatives (crowdfunding), contributing to our research (crowdsourcing) and joining our field activities (crowdreporting)

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”Delivering skills to people, not people instrumentalisation”

Attend MR’s courses to improve your knowledge and practice of digital storytelling tools and media entrepreneurship. We provide both onsite and online training, together with other organizations

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”Promoting sustainability, not unsustainable habits”

Go for green insights in MR’s collaborative hub “Earth Crisis Observer (ECO)”. We expose threats to the environment, resources, livelihoods, ecosystems, biodiversity, analyzing both problems and solutions

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”Raising voices for a cause, not voicing classified ads ”

Get engaged in MR’s special initiatives. We develop web campaigns on specific issues both on our own initiative and upon third parties request, boosting awareness, engagement and shared knowledge

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