I feel sick of turning to the mass as an audience. Living on the sidewalk I learned to address a person, only one at a time. And the need I feel is actually to become a million people myself, to keep a million separate conversations, since there is absolutely no other way, if you want to communicate. The rest is just news projection. And why should anyone ever look after a single wave across an entire sea?" Chad Mulligan (from the novel "Stand on Zanzibar" by John Brunner)

Stefano Valentino is a freelance reporter and entrepreneurial media maker, passionate about the intersection between sustainability, power and digitalization.

He is the founder of MobileReporter, a collaborative journalism platform and winner of the Google News Innovation Contest. He is a former EU correspondent and blogger with Repubblica.it as well as the author of investigations and reportages about political,  business, social and  environmental issues from over 30 countries for Italian and foreign news organisations, such as Repubblica, il Sole 24 Ore, Panorama, Internazionale, The Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, New America Media, Alternatives Economiques, Le Vif L’Express, EU Observer. In 2016 he followed the Italian oceanographic expedition to Antarctica for RAI Sciences. He is a member of the Future Media Lab, a grantee of the Investigative/Environment Journalism Fund, and a former visiting scholar at U.C. Berkeley and Columbia University.